Outcast The Caverns

For the past ten years “The Empire” of King Micah Forthwit The 5th, has been casting down anyone they deem a threat, or simply dislike into a magical underground cavern system which has become known as the “Outcast Caverns”; using a magical portal that his father King Nathanial had created long ago. The caverns themselves heavily populated of all manners of creatures including the creatures forced from the surface world over the years; has become a deadly place for all to live. The air itself stinks of mold and stale water, and the cavern itself gives off a dim light barely sustaining crops trying to grow. If not for the actions of the High Mage “Erica Redmain”, the caverns would be completely unlivable. Through her magic alone “Erica Redmain” helped twist the caverns around them into a more livable area. Erica herself now residing far in the western caverns of Outcast lay in her “Redmain Tower” plotting her revenge against the King for his deception against her which led to her banishment in the caverns. They say Erica may have a way at striking back at the King, but noone is bold enough to come forth to help. Perhaps the new arrival’s to the caverns will be one of the so bold.